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The Funke DSC250 is a perfect combination of stylish design and state of the art technology. This digital antenna offers you the best indoor reception of DTT signals. With its compact size and sustainable performance, it is proven to be the best choice in indoor digital TV antennas. The Funke DSC250 is provided with Funke’s 4G LTE INERT technology; the best way to protect your TV signal reception from 4G LTE interference.

General Specifications
Preferred applications: Indoor stationary reception
Amplifier principle: Low noise single stage amplifier
Connection: 3.5m flexible coaxial cable with IEC-male connector

Technical Specifications

Channels: VHF 5 – 12 (174 – 240 MHz), UHF 21 – 69 (470 – 862 MHz)
Input voltage: 5 ± 0.5 VDC
Input current: 30mA typ.
Colour: Black

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